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Cost Management Software

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Project CostMgr - 
by Geo Innovations Group Inc.,

Designed for Civil Engineers and Surveyors by Civil Engineers and Surveyors. A strong management tool that integrates employee costs and other miscellaneous expenses with your clients' projects. 

Cost Management Software


Setting standards in managing costs of civil engineering and surveying projects. Very simple to use yet comprehensive enough to handle thousands of projects.

Simplicity and comprehensive features provide an edge in effectively tracking progressive project costs.  

Up to date information helps you bring projects to completion within budget.  

Interaction between the Time Card and the Cost Book databases assures that there will be no "lost time" when billing.

Other Features:

  • Assists in preparing quotes and proposals
  • Handles unlimited number of jobs
  • Searches for projects by project number or client name
  • Allows you to edit information at any time and automatically updates all applications
  • Enables you to eliminate sensitive information from reports
  • Builds and prints reports on any number of projects



Client Database
  • Maintains a file of pertinent information about your clients. 
  • Assigns a client number and automatically applies appropriate information to other applications of the system.  
  • If changes to the client database are made CostMgr updates applications in all other databases of the system.



Project Database
  • Records data pertaining to projects, including original quote information for quick reference. 
  • Allows you to find projects by project numbers or by clients' names.
  • Automatically applies the client information to other applications when the job number is used.
Project Database


Employees Database
  • Maintains critical time costing employee information and automatically applies the proper costing rate to time sheets and cost book.


Employees Database


Time Sheet Database
  • Accurately records individual employee time and overtime referenced to the date, client, project, and description of work performed, along with any miscellaneous expenses associated with the project.  
  • Automatically transfers the time card information to the cost book and computes total accumulated costs for each project.


Time Sheet Database



Cost Book Database
  • Automatically records and tracks timecard entries pertaining to each project, providing a quick summary of all applied project costs.  
  • Allows a visual comparison to original proposal price and specifications.  
  • You can print a "summary" report with the wage data hidden or a "full" report including all data.  
  • The reports can show all recorded project costs or only those that have not been billed.
Cost Book Database
Batch Report Builder
  • Provides means of printing full or summary reports for one or any number of billed or unbilled projects.  
  • You may select a report of all projects or only list those with unbilled time.



  • An optional feature that minimizes the amount of typing necessary, saving time and reducing errors. 
  • With CostMgr you can open multiple screens allowing you to view the Cost Book listings while preparing the invoice.


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