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Cost Management Software

Thank you for your interest in receiving a 30 Day Free Trial of our CostMgr. software.  In just a few hours you can have your business set up and have automatic billing. We will mail a working copy to you, absolutely free of charge.  You will have a full working copy of CostMgr. to try at your convenience.  There is no obligation whatsoever.  We believe so strongly in our product that we want you to experience it for yourself completely at our expense.  You won't want to give it up. In just 30 days you'll see the time you save and the increase in the bottom line.

Then, when you are ready to purchase CostMgr. simply call or email us and we will give you an access key immediately.  You will be able to continue using CostMgr. just like you have been for the last 30 days.

Please provide the following information and we will send out CostMgr. to you immediately.

In order to run CostMgr. your system minimum requirements must be:

Please provide the following contact information:

First Name
Last Name
Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code
Work Phone

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